Vince Anthony

Vince Anthony


“Hold Me Again”

“My Everything”

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“Let’s Just Love Each Other Tonight”

Vince Anthony-WINNER
Growing up in a musical family, I believe helped me to find my true love…playing country music. It’s hard to believe….but I use to go out with my father who would perform as an Elvis impersonator. That is where I got my interest in performing and wanted to do this for a living. I spent 4 years in Nashville and learned a lot while playing the honky tonks and clubs, and writing songs with people like Tony Stampley. After Nashville, I toured Wisconsin…(my home state) and met many great people. Along the way, I met a gentleman who had retired from the music business and he has helped me greatly to get to were I am today. With his help. I have been touring Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota. When I look back over the last several years, I guess I have to say I appreciate all of the help that I have gotten from my family, friends and fans. Without the great people behind me, I don’t know where I would be! THANK YOU ALL! – Vince