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Steve Gardner
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 ”Leave it all Behind” by Steve Gardner & Ronggowisnu Prihadi
Tim Dobson – Sax
Raul Rodrigues Jr. – Drums & Percussion
Ari Lepisț РBass
Ronggo – Keys, Guitars, Production
Aliceleonz – Backing Vocal
Steve – Words, Lead & Backing Vocals

A MUSICAL JOURNEY – PART I (sanger goes smooooooth)
Thu, Oct 18, 2012 • 03:48 PM UTC – By sanger

“For the past few months, well maybe more than a few months, I have been on such a fantastic musical journey….. and I’d like to share some of the results with our gang here at

It all began when I started getting into ‘Smooth Jazz’ kinda tunes. Though primarily instrumental songs, I had an urging to at least try to belt it out on this style of music. While I am a rock sanger at heart, my experience at Kompoz has led me down many different paths – allowing me to experiment with a wide variety of genres, many of which I’d never thought I could do justice too……

After hearing all the very cool songs Ronggo had posted, along with the collaborations he’d been a part of, I just knew he was the guy that I wanted to work with. I approached Ronggo with my idea of doing some ‘smooth jazzy pop’ type songs. Without much prodding, Ron was in! Yay for me!

We had one song, well an idea for a song – now we needed some more Kompozers to lend their talents to the project.

My first and only choice for drums and percussion was Figsounds – I don’t need to elaborate on how truly amazing Raul is, I just really wanted to get his ‘Miami Sound’ as it would be the secret sauce on this project… and of course Raul hit it out of the park on each track!

For sax, Sloppy was the perfect guy! I knew he had collaborated with Ronggo, to great results, so I simply asked him to join the ‘band’ – viola! Tim is in!

For bass, Ronggo suggested arwid – WOWZA! Ari came on board and gave it his best with such great feel, tone and his overall playing was as if we were all in a studio together – very cool indeed!

Did someone say Trumpet??? ChuckMac came in and added just the right touch on a song – oh we’re cookin now folks!!!

As for back up vocals, it made perfect sense to ask our dear sweet aliceleonz – with her near perfect pitch and amazing harmony skills, we have a BAND!!!

Now, this all started while having dinner with a good friend, who is a big deal in the smooth jazz world. Though he had no idea what we were up to, I presented him with our demos. While he thought the music, arrangements, production and the players were all stellar, he said “Steve, you have a great voice, but you’re no R&B, smooth jazz vocalist.” Uh Oh!!!!

So much for fame & glory – however, I did have to agree with my pal, I really don’t have an R&B vocal style – BUT – I really had a blast working on our songs and I’m very proud of the results. I have played these tunes for a bunch of friends and other music pros I know and they all dig the tunes and I hope you will as well……

My heart sank. Not at his opinions, I have pretty thick skin and rejection to me is no stranger. I was more concerned with my ‘band mates’ – all the hard work and time spent to make these songs and now I have to tell them it’s a no go. They all took it in stride and and at least we have the fruits of our efforts, which I’d like to share with our fellow Kompozers.

Before we get to the songs, I want to thank Tim, Raul, Ari, Chuck & Alice for all their efforts to create these tunes. For that, I am forever grateful.

As for Ronggo, he is certainly one of the most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. A true Renaissance Man, Ronggo is so imaginative in his approach to music, with his arrangements, production and of course his guitar, piano & synth playing is out of this world!”