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We have been playing music for over six years now, and we just keep moving along becoming more well known as time goes on, each and every day. Unlike so many others the thought of becoming rock stars was not just a dream. For lead singer Andrew Corkery and lead guitarist Dan Holden becoming rock stars was not a choice, but a destiny they wished to embark on. From that standpoint, there were no other options but to seek out other members and build a band. The product of that search is now the band known as Shadowplay. Due to age and varying degrees of training and musicianship, struggles occurred the first few years. However, they took their criticism constructively and used it to better themselves and their art. They welcomed guitarist George Legatos in 2007, bassist John Sellers in 2008 and drummer Tim Bear in 2009. In just two years their musical progression was obvious. Later on in 2011 George left the band due to personal timing restraints, then Ed Flynn stepped right in and filled the void on guitar and bass. We have started and articulated a marketing strategy that focuses on creating a “global music conversation” that is facilitated by having our fans create street teams for Shadowplay all around the globe. We look at our band not so much as a product, but more or less as a grass roots organization that is brought to prominence by the power of the people who support it. Shadowplay currently has 93 street teams all over the globe that help spread the music of Shadowplay through a variety of promotional procedures and methodologies. Whether it be through the internet and social media, physical music and promotion, distribution, radio requests, radio campaigning, or even word of mouth, our goal with Shadowplay from the onset is to play the music we love which is created through a cohesive collaborative effort of all five band members. The music produced through these means will then be spread to others who find they enjoy it, not by showing them a product, but rather through generating and facilitating a global music conversation on the band itself. Advertising is very broad and general from our standpoint and does not make an impact. People are bombarded by advertising on a daily bases in every facet of life, becoming desensitized. What connects people to one another is communication. Without it we become detached from what is happening all around us. What catches people‚Äôs attention the most is personal dialog and conversation between one another. We want that conversation to be about Shadowplay.