Dream Quest Judges – Season II

Bill Green


Bill Green has played music all his life. Since the early 70′s he’s worked in recording studios as an artist, musician, producer, and engineer. In 1984 Bill had his first Billboard production success with Bobby Jenkins’, “Blackjack Whiskey,” which led to many other National chart credits including Kenny Dale, Toby Keith & Easy Money, Billy Mata, Doug Kershaw and Hank Williams, Jr. More recent production and recording credits include Johnny Bush and Randy Rogers, TJ Broscoff, Red Jenkins, Billy Mata & The Texas Tradition, Johnny Bush and Willie Nelson, and Johnny Rodriguez.

Since 1972, Bill has accumulated over 40,000 hours of studio and recording experience as a producer, engineer, musician, songwriter, and artist (most hours as a producer and engineer). With over 30 years experience in the music business, he is currently President of BGM Network in San Antonio, spending most of his time in the Studio and administering the BGM publishing catalog. In addition to his production and record business duties, as a songwriter Bill has had songs recorded by Johnny Bush, Johnny Rodriguez, Doug Kershaw, Billy O’Rourke and others, not to mention three of his own albums which included many of his own songs.

Pauli Carman

(Pop – R&B)

Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, Pauli Carman, was Lead Vocalist of the group, “Champaign” in the 1980′s. During his time with the band, Champaign stayed at the top of the charts with hits like “How ‘Bout Us”, “Try Again”, “Off and On Love”. All of the Champaign hits were preceded by classic music videos reaching top 5 status across the charts on MTV, VH1, and BET.

After leaving to pursue a solo career, some of Pauli’s music included the hit singles, “Dial My Number” and “In The Heat Of The Night.”

John Garza


John Garza has been playing rock and roll for over 20 years. When your first album wins a Grammy and you’re 25 years old…the bar is set pretty high.
Well now he’s back with a band that is better than ever!!